Compression Stocking Aid

Designed to take the struggle out of putting on Compression Stockings.  Convenient handles assist in pulling the stockings up.








Product Description

Compression Stocking Aid for Dressing Independence.

Are you tired of struggling with putting on compression stockings? Experience a newfound sense of ease and independence with our specially designed Compression Stocking Aid. Crafted to simplify the process, this aid is a must-have for the elderly and those with limited mobility, making dressing a breeze once again.

Constructed from sturdy steel with a smooth plastic coating, our Compression Stocking Aid ensures a gentle and hassle-free experience when dressing. The ingenious design features convenient handles at the top, providing the perfect grip for a seamless pull-up motion. No more tugging or discomfort—just smooth and effortless application.

Struggling with bending to put on stockings can be a thing of the past. This thoughtfully engineered product minimises the need for bending, making it an essential tool for individuals with limited mobility. This simple yet effective solution allows you to maintain your dressing routine with utmost ease.

We understand the importance of preserving your independence. This is a powerful tool that lets you take control of your dressing routine. Say goodbye to relying on assistance and embrace the freedom to dress comfortably and confidently on your terms.

Featuring a wide column with a 100mm (4″) inside width, our Dressing Aid accommodates a range of compression stocking sizes. The circumference of 12.56″ ensures compatibility with most stockings, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.


  • Effortless Application: Features a robust steel core coated with smooth plastic, ensuring a gentle glide for your compression stockings.
  • Convenient Handles for Seamless Pull-Up: Equipped with strategically positioned handles at the top, it empowers you to effortlessly pull up your compression stockings.
  • Say Goodbye to Bending: Designed with individuals with limited mobility in mind, it eliminates the need for excessive bending during the dressing routine.
  • Foster Independence: With this aid, you can dress confidently without relying on others for assistance.
  • 5. Versatile Sizing Compatibility: The wide column with a 100mm (4″) inside width ensures that our Stocking Aid is compatible with a variety of compression stocking sizes.
  • 6. Simplify Your Routine: Spare yourself the frustration of struggling with compression stockings.


  • Width inside column 100 mm (4″)
  • Circumference 12.56″

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