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Cool Seat Pad

The Cool Seat uses sealed gel packs that react to your body’s heat creating a ‘dry’ cooling sensation.

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Product Description

The Cool Seat Pad is ideal for use when the weather is warm.  We all know how uncomfortable it can be sitting for long periods when the weather is hot. This simple solution uses sealed gel packs that react to your body’s heat and creates a cooling sensation.

Immediately effective and requiring no pre-cooling in the fridge or freezer, the cooling seat comes with a convenient carry handle and strap for secure fixing to a chair or seat.

Great for use in the car, at home or on the beach. Besides cooling you down, the seat is fantastic for sunburn, hot flushes or to combat high temperatures caused by ailments or medication. Excellent for wheelchair users or those who may be sat for prolonged periods.

Also available are the Cool Pillow Pad and the Cool Mattress Topper

Benefits of the Cool Seat Pad

  • 1 x Cool Seat Pad
  • Sealed gel packs provide a cooling sensation
  • Portable cooling for the back, bottom and thighs
  • Quality seat pad
  • Hard Wearing
  • No pre-cooling required
  • Folds for ease of transportation
  • Carry Handle
  • Fixing Strap
  • Use in car, home or beach