Copper Infused Arthritis Gloves

  1. Targeted Pain Relief: Kedley Arthritis Gloves provide specific relief for knuckles, fingers, and wrists, tackling arthritic discomfort where it matters most.
  2. Copper-Infused Comfort: Designed to alleviate muscle pain and stiffness while promoting better circulation.
  3. All-Day Wear: Lightweight and form-fitting, the gloves offer comfortable, extended wear
  4. Enhanced Grip Bands: Ensure optimal functionality without compromising on comfort.
  5. Natural Odor Defense: The copper infusion not only reduces inflammation but also helps fight bacteria, providing a natural defense against odours for a fresh and comfortable experience.


Product Description

Copper Infused Arthritis Gloves are a revolutionary solution crafted to bring relief to arthritic pain in the knuckles, fingers, and wrists. These medical-grade compression gloves come with open fingers and can be used for Rhuematoid Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel, RSI, Osteoarthritis and Tendonitis to relieve pain and discomfort.  These gloves are meticulously designed to provide compression, enhance circulation, and reduce inflammation around the joints, offering a comforting and therapeutic experience for individuals dealing with arthritis pain.

Benefits of our Copper Infused Arthritis Compression Gloves

  • Compression Therapy: Provides gentle compression which promotes improved blood circulation and alleviates the discomfort associated with arthritis.
  • Copper-Infused Nylon: The high-quality nylon material infused with copper is known for its potential to reduce muscle pain and stiffness, offering a natural remedy for arthritis symptoms.
  • Odour Reduction: The copper infusion not only helps in reducing pain but also contributes to minimising odors and combating bacteria, ensuring a fresh and hygienic experience.
  • Lightweight Design: These gloves are lightweight, allowing for ease of movement and comfort throughout the day, making them ideal for extended wear.
  • Enhanced Grip Bands: Featuring grip bands across the palms and fingers, these gloves provide an enhanced grip, ensuring practicality in daily activities.
  • Targeted Relief: The gloves target specific areas prone to arthritis, delivering focused relief to the knuckles, fingers, and wrists.
  • All-Day Comfort: With their snug fit against the skin, lightweight design, and enhanced grip bands, these gloves offer comfort and practicality for all-day wear.
  • Improved Circulation: Compression therapy enhances blood circulation, aiding in reducing inflammation and promoting overall joint health.
  • Natural Healing: The copper-infused material harnesses the natural properties of copper, providing a holistic approach to managing arthritis symptoms.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various daily activities, these gloves are designed to help you seamlessly integrate into your routine, offering relief without hindering your movements.

Discover a new level of comfort and relief with the Kedley Arthritis Gloves – a blend of advanced design, therapeutic benefits, and natural healing for those seeking respite from arthritis pain.


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