Dailee Slip Premium Maxi Plus

Suitable for both men and women.  Ideal for anyone who is not active or confined to bed and experiencing heavy to severe incontinence.








Product Description

Dailee Slip Premium Maxi Plus has been designed to suit both men and women.  It is suitable for those who are not active or confined to bed and experiencing heavy to severe incontinence.   The adult diapers can be fastened securely in place and then if required can be pulled off and on with ease. There is a convenient wetness indicator that will allow the user or their carer to judge whether the appropriate absorbency is in use day-to-day.   The diapers have elasticated side panels which will accommodate a range of sizes and ensuring a perfect fit.

The slips provide fully breathable protection which promotes optimum skin health and ensures that they are comfortable to wear and keep the user dry throughout the day.  An active odour control means that the user can feel secure in going about their day-to-day lives even following a continence episode.

These diaper pants come in a range of absorbencies; from 1500ml up to 3400ml meaning they are ideal for all-day wear, whilst also being absorbent enough to manage overnight incontinence. The Drylock Technology in the Dailee range of continence products means that each pant is both thin and discreet whilst also offering a higher level of performance. The innovative fluff less technology is more environmentally friendly,  contains no water, solvents or glue, and is extremely low energy consumption in its production processes. All of which support a modern outlook on environmental manufacturing whilst also producing market-leading, premium products.

Benefits of the Dailee Slip Premium Maxi Plus

  • Adult diapers for  heavy to severe incontinence
  • Suitable for those who are inactive or bedridden
  • Fully breathable protection promotes skin health and comfort
  • Convenient wetness indicator
  • Elastic side panels accommodate flexible sizing
  • Perfect fit every time
  • Easy to pull on and off
  • Thinner and extremely discreet
  • High performance every time
  • Stretch for fit and comfort

Product Specification

  • 1 x 28 pack of Dailee Slip Premium Maxi Plus
  • Absorbency: 3400mls
  • Size: 130cm – 190cm

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