Dinner Bib

Poly/cotton front and a waterproof backing. The neck of the Dinner Bibs open and close with velcro fastenings.







Product Description

Discover the Dinner Bib – a smart solution to maintain a pristine appearance while enjoying your meals. These reusable bibs are designed to keep your clothes stain-free during eating and drinking, offering both practicality and style.

Benefits of the Dinner Bib

  • Re-usable Bib: The Dinner Bibs are crafted for sustainability, providing a re-usable option for hassle-free use.
  • Waterproof Backing: Featuring a waterproof backing, these bibs ensure spills don’t transfer to your clothing, keeping you mess-free.
  • Velcro Fastening: The neck of the Dinner Bibs opens and closes effortlessly with velcro fastenings, simplifying the process of putting on and removing the bibs.
  • Tartan Style Color: With a charming Tartan style color, these bibs add a touch of flair to your dining routine.
  • Machine Washable: For added convenience, the bibs are safe to be machine washed, ensuring easy and quick cleaning.
  • Stain Prevention: The Dinner Bibs effectively prevent spills and stains on your clothes, offering a reliable shield during meals.
  • Easy to Use: The velcro fastening at the neck makes these bibs easy to put on and take off, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Reusable Design: Crafted with a focus on sustainability, these bibs can be used repeatedly, providing an eco-friendly dining solution.
  • Waterproof Confidence: The waterproof backing ensures that spills are contained, giving you the confidence to dine without worrying about clothing stains.
  • Style and Practicality: The charming Tartan style color not only adds a stylish touch but also makes these bibs a practical and fashionable dining accessory.

Elevate your dining experience with the Dinner Bib – a reliable, reusable companion designed for both style and practicality. With features like waterproof backing, velcro fastening, and a charming Tartan style, these bibs redefine convenience in dining. Embrace the ease of use and sustainable design, making the Dinner Bib an essential addition to your dining routine.


Specification and Sizes

  • 1 x Dinner Bib
  • Size: 460mm (18″) wide x 890mm (35″) long

Colour Choice: Tartan

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