Disposable Bed Pad

The Disposable Bed Pad is designed to be used by putting it under the person as a precaution to absorb any accidental leakages and protect the bed and the bed linen.







Product Description

Disposable Bed Pad: Reliable Incontinence Protection

Discover unparalleled protection and comfort with our Disposable Bed Pads, a vital solution tailored for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. These pads are designed to offer a reliable safeguard against accidental leakages, ensuring a comfortable and dry sleeping environment. In packs of 35, these Disposable Bed Pads are a best-seller, trusted for their high absorbency and quality construction.

Benefits of Disposable Bed Pads

  • In Packs of 35: Each order of Disposable Bed Pads comes in packs of 35, providing an ample supply to meet the user’s needs. This ensures convenience and allows for consistent usage without the worry of running out.
  • Absorbs Leakages in Bed: Designed as a precautionary measure, these bed pads excel in absorbing accidental leakages, preventing them from reaching the mattress and bed linen. Enjoy a worry-free night’s sleep with the assurance of reliable protection.
  • Protects Mattress and Linen: The primary function of the Disposable Bed Pad is to protect both the mattress and bed linen from potential damage caused by moisture. The high absorbency fluff pulp, sandwiched between tissue and a plastic back, creates a barrier that effectively contains leaks.
  • Comfortable: Prioritize comfort with these bed pads crafted from soft materials. The user’s comfort is at the forefront, ensuring that the Disposable Bed Pad provides a gentle and non-irritating surface for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Highly Absorbent: Powered by high absorbency fluff pulp, these bed pads are highly effective in quickly soaking up liquids, keeping the surface dry and comfortable for the user.
  • Plastic Back: The inclusion of a plastic back ensures that the absorbed moisture doesn’t penetrate through to the mattress, maintaining its integrity and longevity.
  • Best Seller: Recognized as a best-seller, our Disposable Bed Pads have earned the trust of users for their quality, reliability, and superior performance.
  • Peace of Mind: Experience peace of mind knowing that the Disposable Bed Pads act as a reliable precautionary measure, absorbing leakages and protecting both the mattress and bed linen.
  • Comfortable Sleep: Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with the soft and gentle construction of these bed pads, prioritizing the user’s comfort throughout the night.
  • Convenient Supply: The packs of 35 ensure a convenient and consistent supply, eliminating the need to frequently reorder and providing users with a hassle-free experience.
  • Trusted Protection: As a best-seller, these bed pads have gained the trust of users, known for their high absorbency, quality materials, and effectiveness in preventing leaks.

Elevate your sleep experience with the Disposable Bed Pad, a best-selling solution that combines comfort and reliability. Designed for the elderly and those with mobility issues, these bed pads offer a trusted defense against accidental leakages, ensuring a dry and comfortable night’s sleep. Invest in the best for a restful and worry-free sleeping environment.

Product Specification

Pack Sizes:

Small 1 x 35 units
Small 6 x 1 x 35 units
Medium 1 x 35 units
Medium 4 x 1 x 35 units
Large 1 x 35 units
Large 4 x 1 x 25 units


Small – 700 mls

Medium 950 mls

Large 1430 mls

Choose the Maxi Pads Option for increased absorbency


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Maxi, Midi


40 x 60cm, 60 x 60cm, 60 x 90cm

Pack Size

1 X 25, 1 x 28, 1 X 35, 4 X 25, 4 x 28, 4 X 35, 6 X 35, Single, Triple