Double Bed Washable Bed Pad

Double Bed Washable Bed Pad fully waterproof with high absorbency. 4-litre absorbency with generous tuck-in flaps. Can be machine washed and tumble dried








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Product Description

Double Bed Washable Bed Pad: The Ultimate Incontinence Care Solution

Caring for individuals with incontinence challenges requires dependable products that offer both comfort and practicality. The Double Bed Washable Bed Pad is an ideal companion in such circumstances, designed to withstand the rigors of incontinence care in both care homes and home settings.

Benefits of our Double Bed Washable Bed Pad

  • High Absorbency: The bed pad is crafted to effectively absorb moisture, ensuring comfort and a dry environment.
  • Fully Waterproof: A robust internal barrier paired with a waterproof backing guarantees that the mattress remains completely protected.
  • Ideal for Incontinence Care: Addressing the unique needs of individuals with incontinence, this bed pad offers an excellent solution for both users and caregivers.
  • Machine Washable and Tumble Dried: Practicality is key; enjoy the convenience of machine-washing and low-heat tumble drying for easy maintenance.
  • Tough and Durable Construction: Crafted for longevity, the bed pad endures frequent usage without compromising its performance.
  • Discreet Tuck-In Flaps: Ensuring a secure and comfortable fit, the discreet tuck-in flaps provide added peace of mind.
  • Confidence in Absorbency: The bed pad offers high absorbency, reducing discomfort and ensuring the user’s well-being.
  • Superior Protection: With waterproof backing and an internal barrier, you can trust that the mattress will remain unharmed.
  • Ideal for Long-Term Care: Whether in care homes or home settings, this bed pad is a reliable solution for managing incontinence.
  • Easy Maintenance: Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning; this bed pad can be conveniently machine-washed and tumble-dried with low heat.
  • Durability: Its robust construction can withstand repeated usage, proving cost-effective and dependable.
  • Peaceful Sleep: The discreet tuck-in flaps keep the bed pad securely in place, ensuring an uninterrupted night’s rest.
  • Guaranteed Longevity: With an assurance of 300 washes, this bed pad is a durable, long-lasting investment.

The Double Bed Washable Bed Pad is not just a practical solution; it’s a testament to the commitment to providing the best in incontinence care. Offering absorbency, comfort, and durability, this bed pad is designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with limited mobility. Experience greater confidence and a peaceful night’s sleep with this trusted incontinence care companion.

Product Specification

  • 1 x Bed Pad for Double Bed
  • Absorbency   4 litres
  • Size 1.2 litres 86cm x 140cm    |   33.85″ x 55

Also available in this range is the Dura Waterproof Bed Pad  for single beds with a choice of  2.1 litres or 3.2-litres absorbency

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