Duo Mug Holder

The wraparound style of the Duo Mug Holder protects hands and fingers from hot mug surfaces.






Product Description

The Duo Mug Holder is a game-changing addition to our range, designed with a keen understanding of the challenges faced by the elderly and individuals with limited mobility and dexterity. This innovative ergonomic handle is a solution that revolutionises the way you hold your mug, bringing a new level of comfort and stability to your daily routines.

The Duo Mug Holder’s ingenious design allows you to hold your mug with both hands, significantly enhancing your grip and stability while drinking. It’s a mobility aid that empowers you to enjoy your beverages with confidence.

This holder is a bridge between your unique needs and the enjoyment of sharing mugs with family and friends. Fits most standard mugs, giving you the freedom to use the same mugs as your loved ones.

The wraparound style of the holder serves a dual purpose. It not only provides a secure grip but also shields your hands and fingers from hot mug surfaces, ensuring your comfort while savoring your drinks.

Designed for ease, it features a unique clip-on mechanism. Attaching and detaching it to your mug is a hassle-free process, making your daily routines smoother.

Benefits of the Duo Mug Holder

Empowered Drinking: Enjoy a newfound sense of control and stability while sipping your beverages. The dual-handed grip provides balance, minimising the risk of spills and enhancing your drinking experience.

Comfort Without Compromise: The ergonomic design of the holder aims to amplify your comfort. It’s a testament to our commitment to enhancing your quality of life while ensuring that you can still enjoy your favorite mugs.

Practicality and Ease: The versatile fit and reusable nature make it an investment in your daily comfort. It’s easy to clean with warm water, ensuring that it’s ready for your next drink.

Transform the way you enjoy your beverages with the Duo Mug Holder. At our Mobility Shop, we understand your needs, and this holder is a testament to that understanding.

Product Specification

  • Holds cups/mugs of a diameter 70mm – 90mm   (2.75″ – 3.54″)

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