Easi Grip Garden Fork

Designed to allow a firm grip on the tool while alleviating strain on the wrist, the comfortable handle on this garden fork is ideal for people with weak or arthritic hands.








Product Description

The Easi Grip Garden Fork is specially designed to take the strain out of gardening. These tools have a comfortable grip handle, which keeps the wrist in its natural position. This allows a firm grip on the tool without any strain on the wrist.

The Fork is manufactured from Stainless Steel with a comfortable brightly coloured plastic moulded handle. The non-slip handle gives a firmer grip even with wet hands or if using in wet weather.

The Easi-Grip Tools have been designed to minimise the effort and discomfort that can be experienced when using conventional gardening tools.  The metal parts are made from high-quality stainless steel and the angled handle ensure that there is no strain placed on the hands and wrists while using the tools. The hand and wrists are kept in a stress-free position. The handle is moulded from a soft, lovely to touch non-slip material. The tools are easy to use and would suit any age or ability of the gardener.

Can be used with an Arm Support Cuff to engage support and strength of the forearm. Each tool weighs only 8 oz.

Benefits of the Easi Grip Garden Fork

  • Comfort grip gardening aid
  • Takes the strain out of gardening
  • Pistol style grip handle to reduce stress and strain on the hands and wrists
  • Manufactured in high-quality stainless steel
  • Bright coloured plastic handle
  • Non-Slip handle

Product Specification

  • 1 x Easi Grip Garden Fork
  • Weight – 8oz

Also available to be used with our range of garden tools is the Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff which helps to assist gardeners with weak or arthritic hands. The Cuff simply plugs into the garden tools.