Easy Edge Threshold Rubber Ramp

This new range of ramps is ideal for interior and exterior doors or thresholds, but is also safe for use in roll-in showers, wetrooms and any other application requiring vertical transition.

  • Ideal solution for allowing access for wheelchair/scooter users via interior and exterior doors
  • Also safe for use in roll-in showers and wetrooms
  • Quick and easy installation in minutes
  • Maximum slip resistance and generous weight limit
  • 10 Year Guarantee






Product Description

Easy Edge Rubber Threshold Ramps unlock seamless accessibility for every space.  They are specifically designed to provide immediate and affordable solutions for vertical transitions. Whether it’s interior and exterior doors, thresholds, roll-in showers, wet rooms, or any other area requiring vertical access, our ramps are your reliable companions for removing barriers and embracing unrestricted mobility.

Our Rubber Threshold Ramps offer a host of features that make them the perfect choice for enhancing accessibility.   These ramps are not limited to doorways and thresholds alone. They are safe to use in roll-in showers, wet rooms, and any other space where a vertical transition is needed. With their adaptable design, they cater to various accessibility requirements, ensuring a seamless experience in diverse environments.

Say goodbye to complex and costly modifications. Our Rubber Threshold Ramps provide an immediate and affordable solution to vertical barriers. With their quick and easy installation process, you can enjoy enhanced accessibility without the hassle or high expenses.

Our ramps are designed to be compatible with different surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, wood, tile, and marble. Regardless of the existing flooring, our ramps can be easily installed to provide a smooth transition and unhindered movement.

The Rubber Threshold Ramps from Aidapt come with a 10-year guarantee, ensuring years of reliable and maintenance-free use. Invest with confidence, knowing that the ramps are built to withstand daily wear and tear, providing long-lasting accessibility solutions.

Our Rubber Threshold Ramps are produced from 100% recycled rubber, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. By choosing our ramps, you not only enhance accessibility but also contribute to a greener future.

The ramps have been designed and tested to offer maximum slip resistance, providing a secure and stable surface for wheelchair, scooter, walker, and rollator users. Move with confidence, knowing that our ramps prioritise your safety at every step.

Our ramps have generous load limitations, ensuring they can support a wide range of weights and equipment. Feel assured that our ramps can handle your specific accessibility needs. Experience the freedom of unhindered mobility with our Rubber Threshold Ramps.

Benefits of the Easy Edge Threshold Rubber Ramp

  • Versatile Application: safe to use in roll-in showers, and wet rooms. and any other space where a vertical transition is needed.
  • Immediate and Inexpensive Solution
  • Compatibility with Various Surfaces: compatible with different surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, wood, tile, and marble.
  • Durable and Maintenance-Free: come with a 10-year guarantee
  • Environmentally Sustainable: produced from 100% recycled rubber
  • Maximum Slip Resistance
  • Generous Load Limitations

25 x 1070 x 205mm, 30 x 1080 x 310mm, 45 x 1280 x 460mm, 50 x 1550 x 610mm, 60 x 760 x 750mm, 60 x 920 x 350mm, 90 x 460 x 540mm