Easy Grip Adapted Bread Knife

The Bread Knife with a right-angle handle has a comfortable, contoured handle with a non-slip “soft-feel” finish, giving a firm grip in either hand.  These cooking aid knives are perfect for users with weak wrists, the elderly or the disabled.








Product Description

The Easy Grip Adapted Bread Knife with Right Angled Handle is part of our Easy-Grip kitchen knives range. Designed to transform your culinary journey. With comfort, control, and safety at its core, this bread knife becomes your perfect kitchen partner.

Experience the epitome of comfort with the Easy Grip Adapted Bread Knife. Crafted with a contoured handle that boasts a non-slip finish, it ensures a secure and firm grip in either hand. The standout feature? Its handle is ingeniously angled at 90 degrees, maintaining your hand and wrist in a natural, stress-free position, making every slice a breeze.

Unlock the art of control with the Easy Grip Adapted Bread Knife. This entire range of adapted kitchen knives, including our bread knife, is designed to be lightweight, allowing you to maneuver effortlessly through your culinary creations.

Embrace the quality and reliability of stainless steel as the metal parts of this knife guarantee durability. Not just functional, but also easy to maintain, all items within the Easy-Grip range are dishwasher safe.

Experience the inclusivity of the Easy Grip Adapted Bread Knife. Ideal for those with weak wrists, the elderly, or individuals with disabilities, this knife transforms your kitchen experience into a journey of comfort and delight.

Key Benefits of our Easy Grip Bread Knife

  • Stress-Free Design: The 90-degree angled handle eases wrist stress, ensuring a comfortable and natural position while you slice.
  • Comfort Redefined: Enjoy contoured handles with a non-slip finish, offering safety and comfort in every grip.
  • Lightweight Excellence: Maneuver with ease, as the lightweight design gives you unmatched control.
  • Durability Unveiled: Crafted from quality stainless steel, this knife is a masterpiece of reliability.
  • Easy Maintenance: Embrace the convenience of dishwasher-safe tools, ensuring that your culinary creations are hassle-free.
  • Inclusive Creation: Perfect for weak wrists, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities, this knife ensures that everyone can enjoy the art of cooking.

Elevate your kitchen experience, embrace comfort and control, and transform your slicing journey with the Easy Grip Adapted Bread Knife. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to culinary ease.

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