Female Urine Bottle

Made from clear plastic, with its cleverly designed spout this makes the user feel comfortable.






Product Description

Female Urine Bottle: Comfort and Convenience Redefined

Discover unparalleled comfort and convenience with our Female Urine Bottle—a specially designed solution catering to the unique needs of individuals dealing with mobility challenges. Crafted from clear plastic with a cleverly designed spout, this product prioritizes user comfort, providing a practical and ideal solution to enhance toilet access. Easy to use, dispose of, and clean, this urinal is a reliable companion for those seeking a discreet and dignified option. With a generous 500ml capacity, it empowers users to maintain independence in their daily routines.

Benefits of the Female Urine Bottle

  • Clear Plastic Construction: Crafted from transparent white plastic,  ensuring visibility, allowing users to monitor fluid levels easily.
  •  Cleverly Designed Spout: The intelligently designed spout contributes to user comfort, providing a seamless and dignified experience during use.
  • Easy to Use: Offers a straightforward and uncomplicated solution, making it particularly user-friendly for individuals with mobility challenges.
  • 500ml Capacity: With a substantial capacity of 500ml, it minimises the need for frequent emptying, providing convenience to users.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The thoughtfully designed spout enhances user comfort, making this a reliable choice for individuals seeking comfort and convenience.
  •  Improved Toilet Access: This product serves as a practical and ideal solution to enhance toilet access, ensuring an easy and dignified experience for users.
  • Discreet and Convenient: The Female Urine Bottle offers a discreet and convenient option for fluid disposal, supporting users in their quest for independence.

Live Well Now is proud to present the Female Urine Bottle—a product that redefines comfort and convenience for individuals facing mobility challenges. With its transparent construction, cleverly designed spout, and generous 500ml capacity, this urinal becomes an indispensable companion in daily routines. Elevate your sense of independence with a product designed to prioritize your comfort and dignity. Choose the Female Urine Bottle today and experience the ease of use, disposal, and cleaning that makes it an ideal solution for individuals seeking practicality and reliability. Opt for a discreet and dignified option—choose the Female Urine Bottle.

Product Specification

  • Colour: white
  • Capacity: 500mls

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