Flipstick Seat

The Flipstick is a dual-purpose walking cane comprised of a rigid, folding aluminium stem with a comfortable plastic seat/handle. A spring-loaded button securely locks the seat/handle in either the walking or sitting positions.






Product Description

The Flipstick Seat is a walking stick with a seat and is the perfect solution to travelling anywhere without having to worry about seating.  Use your Flipstick to attend events and spend time out with the family knowing that you are carrying your seat with you.

The Flipstick is a dual-purpose walking stick with a rigid, folding aluminium stem with a comfortable plastic seat/handle attached.   An easy to use spring-loaded button will securely lock the seat into a comfortable sitting position or lock the handle back in place to provide a secure walking stick.  It is lightweight making it easy to carry around but it is also strong and durable and capable of safely supporting 130kg (280lbs) of weight.   It is constructed from 4 interlocking aluminium stem sections joined together with a polyester covered rubber shot cord running through the centre.  It comes with a triangular-shaped bag that can be carried over the shoulder, around the waist or simply in the hand.  A great mobility aid to improve quality of life and independence, as well as the perfect addition to any day outdoors.

There is also a range of height-adjustable Flipsticks that can be adjusted from 87.9cm – 91.5cm

Benefits of the Flipstick Seat

  • Flipstick walking stick seat
  • Ideal mobility aid when travelling
  • Comfortable supportive handle
  • Colour: Black
  • Walking Cane with seat/handle
  • Folding stick
  • Aluminium stick with plastic seat/handle
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Locks securely in place
  • Provides a comfortable seat when using outdoors

Product Specification

  • 1 x Original Flipstick
  • Weight with bag 0.60kg / 1.33lbs
  • Weight without bag 0.50kg / 1.11lbs
  • Stick Handle Height 87.5cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 20 stone (130kg)

Colour Choice: Black

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