Folding Walking Stick Holder

This useful accessory keeps your folding stick held securely together when not in use.





Product Description

The Folding Walking Stick Holder is an economical solution to keeping your walking stick held firmly in place, making it easy to carry about or if storing at home ensuring it will not take up a lot of space.

It has been designed to be used with collapsible walking sticks and canes.  This is a useful accessory that keeps your folding stick held securely together when not in use making them easy to carry and transport around.  It solves the problem of the individual sections of canes becoming loose and rattling around in bags or cars.

The Cane Holder keeps the sections bound tidily together, it is easy to use and the holder can be carried in a bag or pocket when not required.

Live Well Now offer a full range of Folding Walking Sticks in a wide range of designs and colours to suit individual tastes.  We have ladies walking sticks and gents walking sticks and for canes that are designed to assist with the pain associated with arthritic conditions we have the Arthritis Grip Cane Walking Stick

Benefits of the Folding Walking Stick Holder

  • 1 x Walking Stick  Holder
  • Holds one folding walking stick
  • Ideal for theatre or restaurant visits
  • Use with folding walking sticks only
  • A simple solution for ease of storage
  • Keeps walking sticks need and tidy when not in use or when travelling
  • Simple and economical  solution to the problem of storing folded canes

Live Well Now offers a full range of Mobility Aids to suit all your individual requirements.

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