A sturdy, steady Footstool with rubber mat surface and chrome-plated steel frame. This stool makes access to the bath easier.







Product Description

Footstool with Handle: Elevating Safety and Independence

Empower your daily routine with the Footstool with Handle, a purposeful addition to your home designed for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. This sturdy and steady footstool is equipped with a rubber mat surface, ensuring a secure grip to prevent slipping. The chrome-plated steel frame not only adds a touch of independence but also enhances safety. Whether used in the bathroom for easy access to the bath or as a safe step around the home, this is a valuable asset for those seeking enhanced safety and independence.

Benefits of the Footstool with Handle

  • Sturdy and Steady Construction: Boasts a robust design, providing a sturdy and steady bath step. Crafted with reliability in mind, its construction ensures stability and support for individuals with mobility concerns.
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Mat Surface: Safety is paramount, and the anti-slip rubber mat surface guarantees a secure grip. Say goodbye to accidents caused by slipping, as this feature provides added stability and confidence during use.
  • Chrome-Plated Steel Frame: The chrome-plated steel frame not only enhances the footstool’s durability but also adds a sense of independence and safety. Trust in the quality construction of the footstool to support you in your daily activities.
  •  Optional Handrail for Additional Assistance: Tailor the Footstool with a Handle to your specific needs. Choose between the version with or without the handrail, providing additional assistance for those who may require extra support getting into the bath without assistance.
  • Household Aid for Increased Safety: Elevate safety measures in your home with the Footstool. Designed to prevent accidents, this household aid is an essential addition for individuals prioritizing a safe living environment.
  • Ideal Bathroom Aid for the Elderly: The Footstool with Handle is specifically crafted for bathroom use, offering an ideal solution for the elderly to access the bath safely. Its thoughtful design addresses the unique needs of individuals seeking assistance in the bathroom.
  • Promotes Independent Living and Mobility: Experience a heightened sense of independence with the Footstool. By aiding mobility and ensuring safety, this versatile accessory allows individuals to navigate their living spaces with confidence and autonomy.

The Footstool with Handle isn’t just a step; it’s a commitment to fostering safety and independence for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. Enhance your daily routine with a reliable and purposeful household aid. Invest in the Footstool with Handle – where safety meets independence for a more secure and empowered

Product Specification

  • 1 x Footstool with handrail
  • Handrail height: 810mm (32″)
  • Base of legs: 305mm x 406mm (12″ x 16 “)
  • Height 228mm (9″)
  • Maximum weight of user: 19st/120kg

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With Handrail, Without Handrail