Good Grips Button Hook

Give a secure, cushioned grip on hard-to-grasp buttons.








Product Description

Good Grips Button Hook: Tailored Comfort for Seniors and Individuals with Limited Mobility

Are you seeking a solution that empowers you to maintain your dressing independence? Discover the remarkable Good Grips Button Hook—a compact yet powerful device designed to eliminate the challenges of buttoning up clothes. Experience the joy of easy dressing as you regain control over your daily routine, fostering independence and enhancing your quality of life.

The Good Grips Button Hook is your dedicated ally in conquering the frustration of buttoning up garments. With its ingenious design, this little helper provides a secure and cushioned grip on buttons that are otherwise hard to grasp. Say farewell to the struggle, and embrace the convenience of effortlessly fastening your clothes.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the soft and cushioned grip of the Button Hook ensures a seamless buttoning experience. What was once a daunting task now becomes simple and enjoyable, thanks to the thoughtful engineering that prioritises your ease and convenience.

The built-up handle is crafted from a rubber-like material, ensuring a comfortable hold. This handle features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip, providing a personalized experience tailored to your needs. Dress with confidence, knowing that the Button Hook accommodates your unique preferences.

Benefits of the Good Grips Button Hook Dressing Aid

  • Soft and cushioned grip for effortless buttoning
  • Adaptable handle that suits any grip
  • Tailored comfort for individuals with limited mobility
  • Elevates dressing independence
  • Rekindles joy and confidence in daily dressing routine
  • Regain control over your dressing routine and embrace the freedom to dress independently

Product Specification

  • The length of the handle measures 110mm (4.25″)
  • The total length measures 160mm (6.25″)
  • The diameter of the handle is 38mm (1.5″)

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