Good Grips Rocker Knife

A soft cushioned grip keeps the utensil in the hand even when wet. Ideal for people with a weak grip or  impaired dexterity








Product Description

Good Grips Rocker Knife is carefully curated for the unique needs of the elderly and individuals with limited mobility and dexterity.  As a vital element of this adapted cutlery range, the knife is meticulously designed to redefine your dining experience, promoting ease and independence.

The Good Grips Rocker Knife boasts a chunky, soft cushioned grip that enhances comfort and ease of use. This thoughtful design ensures that your dining experience is both pleasurable and convenient.

The handle of the knife is crafted from lightweight TPR rubber, offering a balance of durability and longevity. This material choice guarantees that your dining aid remains a reliable companion during countless meals.

Designed for ambidextrous use, offering versatility that caters to your preferences. Regardless of your handedness, this knife is a suitable dining companion.

Crafted from premium stainless steel, the blade of the Good Grips Rocker Knife ensures a precise and efficient cutting experience. This material choice guarantees not only performance but also durability.

Dishwasher safe, simplifying your after-meal clean-up. This practical feature ensures that your dining aid remains hygienic and ready for your next culinary adventure.

Benefits of the Good Grips Rocker Knife

  • Enhanced Grip and Comfort: The soft cushioned grip adds an extra layer of comfort to your dining experience. Enjoy meals with ease, confident in the support this knife provides.
  • Adapted Design: Crafted with soft flexible ribbing, the handle adapts to your grip, ensuring you have full control. Textured handles offer a secure hold even when wet, allowing you to dine with confidence.
  • Effortless Cutting: The curved blade of the Good Grips Rocker Knife is designed to rock easily, simplifying the cutting process. This feature proves particularly beneficial for individuals with weak grips or impaired dexterity.
  • Versatile Usability: Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, the Good Grips Rocker Knife is tailored to your needs. Its versatile design ensures that everyone can enjoy the comfort and support it provides.

Elevate your dining experience with the Good Grips Rocker Knife. At our Mobility Shop, we’re dedicated to enhancing your quality of life.


Product Specification

  • Knife length: 210mm (8.25″)
  • Knife weight: 85gms (3ozs)

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