GripWare Round Scoop Dish

Ideal for persons with limited motor coordination or if the person only has the use of one hand.





Product Description

The GripWare Round Scoop Dish is a plastic dish that is ideal for persons with limited motor coordination as it has a low front and high back.  The dish is low at the front and high at the back making it ideal to eat with one hand.  This eating and drinking aid is unbreakable and encourages independent living.  The non-slip rubber padded bottom aids user control and gives increased confidence and security when eating.  The lip on the high side of the dish helps small food items to fall back onto the cutlery, making eating a more enjoyable experience.   The plastic dish can be used safely in a  microwave can be washed on the top shelf of domestic dishwashers.  It is not recommended for microwave use.

Benefits of the GripWare Round Scoop Dish

  • Independent Living Eating Aid
  • Helps people with limited motor coordination
  • Ideal for people with the use of only one hand
  • Non-slip rubber feet grips the table and prevents slipping
  • Microwave safe
  • Household dishwasher safe
  • Unbreakable

Product Specification

  • 1 x Round Scoop Dish
  • Size: 20cm (8″) in diameter

Colour Option: Ivory