Hand Grip Reacher

A lightweight, but strong reacher that helps to pick up dropped items. The moulded handle is comfortable and operated by all four fingers making it easy to use for people with weaker hands.








Product Description

Our Hand Grip Reacher is designed with your needs in mind, providing a helping hand for those moments when reaching and grasping seem like a daunting task. This lightweight and versatile household aid is the key to making daily life more accessible and comfortable.

The Hand Grip Reacher is your go-to solution for picking up dropped items and accessing objects that are out of reach. Its lightweight design ensures that you can effortlessly maneuver it, even when dealing with limited mobility. No more frustration or dependence on others.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the Hand Grip Reacher features a moulded handle that comfortably accommodates all four fingers. This user-friendly design ensures easy operation, making it ideal for individuals with weaker hands. The rubber-lined jaw provides a secure grip when picking up items, giving you confidence in your ability to handle daily tasks.

But that’s not all! Our Hand Grip Reacher goes the extra mile by featuring a hook on the jaw, offering additional functionality. This hook is a valuable tool for dressing, allowing you to reach, grab, and manage clothing items without strain or difficulty.

Top Benefits of the Hand Grip Reacher

  • Ideal Product for the Elderly and Users with a Weak Grip: Regain your independence and perform daily tasks with confidence, knowing the Hand Grip Reacher has your back.
  • Lightweight: A lightweight and ergonomic design guarantees comfortable and effortless use.
  • Moulded Handle: The handle is designed to be comfortable for all four fingers, ensuring a secure hold.
  • Good for People with Weaker Hands: Our reacher is tailored to meet the needs of those with limited hand strength.
  • Rubber Lined Jaw: Enjoy a secure grip when picking up items, reducing the risk of slips or drops.
  • A Hook to Help with Dressing: The added hook functionality makes dressing easier and more accessible.

Product Specification

  • 1 x Hand Grip Reacher: Each order includes a reliable and sturdy reacher, ready to assist you in your daily tasks.
  • Size: 813mm (32 inches): With an extended reach of 32 inches, this reacher ensures you can access items high and low with ease.

Rediscover your independence and regain control over your daily life with the Hand Grip Reacher. It’s the perfect tool to simplify your everyday tasks, from picking up dropped items to managing clothing, without relying on others. Don’t let limited mobility hold you back.

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