Handycup Drinking Mug

The rim of the Handycup is angled so that a person can drink without tipping their head back to drain the glass.  Ideal for anyone who is confined to a bed or if the user is in a wheelchair with a headrest.






Product Description

The Handycup  Drinking Mug has a rim that has been designed at an angle in order to assist the user to drink without moving their head back when drinking from the mug.  The drinking aid cup can be tipped beyond the point where a normal cup would hit the bridge of your nose.  In order to allow the contents of the mug to always be visible the mug is transparent. Large handles ensure that the person can fit their hand inside for firmer grip and easily hold the handles. The large base helps to prevent the cup from tipping over.  This mobility drinking aid is ideal for people with a weak grasp or limited neck movement.  It is also ideal for anyone who is confined to a bed or if the user is in a wheelchair with a headrest.  The Cup is both dishwasher and microwave safe.   Holds up to 200ml and comes supplied with a lid.  Can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Benefits of the Handy Cup

  • 1 x Handy Cup with Lid
  • Best selling mobility drinking aid
  • Angled for drinking without tippling the head back to drain the cup
  • Transparent for visibility of contents
  • Large handles for a good grip
  • The large base which is helpful to falling over
  • Includes lid
  • 200ml capacity
  • Household dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe

Colour Options: Clear | Blue | Red | Green

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