Harley Back Support Cushion

Provides firm support for the back to increase comfort when sitting for extended periods of time.





Product Description

The Harley Back Support Cushion – Firm Support, Unmatched Comfort

Experience the luxury of unyielding support with the Harley Back Support Cushion. Crafted from premium cold-cast polyurethane foam, this cushion is designed to cater to those who seek firmer support for their lower back. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a world of relaxation, even during prolonged periods of sitting.

Transform your sitting experience whether you’re at home, in your car, or on a scooter, this cushion adapts to your needs, providing you with the firm support your lower back craves.

Indulge in the ultimate comfort during extended periods of sitting. The Harley Back Support Cushion is your secret weapon for relief, allowing you to sit in tranquillity whether you’re reading at home or embarking on a long journey.

Offers gentle lateral support, ensuring that every contour of your back is embraced in comfort. Its firmness lends unwavering support, alleviating discomfort and enhancing your overall well-being.

Key Benefits of our Harley Back Support Cushion

  • Part of the Harley Award Winning Orthopaedic Cushions: This cushion is a proud member of the esteemed Harley Award Winning Orthopaedic Cushions family, known for their commitment to ultimate comfort and support.
  • Firm and Unyielding: Crafted from cold-cast polyurethane foam, providing a firmer support that caters to your unique comfort preferences.
  • Tailored for Comfort: With gentle lateral support, it is moulded to embrace your back’s contours, ensuring unparalleled relief.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Wherever you go, the lightweight design ensures comfort is always within reach.

Unlock the potential of firm support and comfort with the Harley Back Support Cushion. Embrace relief like never before and make discomfort a thing of the past. Don’t miss the chance to redefine your sitting experience.

Product Specification

  • Size: 40cm x 38cm (16″ x 15″)

Colour: Black

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