Harley Correcting Shoulder Brace

Comfortable to wear while sitting and performing daily tasks, the shoulder brace works to correct bad posture a prolong back health.






Product Description

The Harley Correcting Shoulder Brace support is an ideal aid to use when you have to sit at a computer, drive for long periods, reading or working in the same position repeatedly. The posture correcting shoulder support helps to retrain bad posture that can occur when you are repeatedly sitting in one position. One of the main reasons we develop bad posture is due to repeatedly sitting in the same position. The shoulder support will give added support while positioning the back in a more natural position.  This will improve back health and ensure that there is no further damage.

Using the Correcting Shoulder Brace is a great way to help retrain and correct bad posture including round shoulders. It adds more support whilst protecting the body from further injury. The Correcting Shoulder Brace is comfortable to wear and has a front fastening which makes it easy to put on. The brace provides firm support but does not minimise flexibility allowing you to carry out your daily tasks unhindered.

Benefits of the Harley Correcting Shoulder Brace

  • Aids bad posture from long hours of sitting in the same position
  • Helps to correct posture and ease pain
  • Helps to correct round shoulders
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Promotes a healthier posture
  • Easy to use front fastening

Product Specification

  • Small : 76cm – 86cm (30″ – 34″)
  • Medium : 89cm – 102cm (35″ – 40″)
  • Large : 104cm – 117cm (41″ x 46″)
  • XLarge : 120cm – 132cm (47″ x 52″)

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