Henro Food Plate

Designed to suit people of all ages who have difficulty lifting food from a plate, making it easier for them to eat independently.








Product Description

The Henro Food Plate, is a thoughtful solution designed to enhance the dining experience for children and adults with unique needs. Crafted with care and innovation, this plate is a game-changer, making mealtimes more enjoyable and accessible.

The Henro Food Plate is ingeniously shaped to cater to those who may struggle with conventional plates. With a high back that gently slopes down to a low front, this plate encourages food to gather at the bottom. This smart design allows for easy one-handed dining, empowering individuals with limited mobility.

Our commitment to a secure dining experience is showcased by the optional small rubber feet that can be attached to the plate. These anti-slip textured rubber feet provide a firm grip and enhanced stability, preventing the plate from slipping on surfaces.

Benefits of the Henro Food Plate

  • Promotes Independence: The Henro Food Plate promotes self-reliance in dining. Its thoughtful design enables users to enjoy their meals with minimal assistance, fostering a sense of accomplishment and dignity.
  • Suitable for All Ages: This plate is designed to accommodate both children and adults, recognising that the joy of a well-balanced meal knows no age limits.
  • Accessible Dining: With food conveniently gathered at the plate’s base, users can easily enjoy their meals with one hand. Say goodbye to the frustrations of lifting food—our plate makes dining more accessible and enjoyable.

Elevate mealtimes with the Henro Food Plate, a symbol of inclusivity and innovation. At our Mobility Shop, we believe in creating solutions that enhance everyday experiences, and this plate exemplifies that commitment.

Product Specification

  • Size: L 28 cm, W 19.5 cm   |   11″ x 7.7″

Colour Option:  White

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