Henro Grip Fork

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Product Description

The Henro Grip Fork is meticulously crafted to make your dining experience smoother and more enjoyable. With its innovative curved design, this fork aids in seamlessly bringing food to your mouth, providing a new level of comfort and independence.

The Henro Grip Fork is a shining example of innovation meeting functionality. Its distinct curved design has been crafted to facilitate effortless eating.

Our range understands your unique needs. The Henro Grip collection offers a choice between the fork and spoon, accommodating both left and right-handed users. You can also choose from two contemporary colors: Dark Grey and Red.

Embrace controlled and comfortable dining. The angle of the fork is purposefully designed to simplify the process of bringing food to your mouth, ensuring each bite is a delightful experience.

The Henro Grip Fork is more than just a dining tool; it’s a companion. It’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use, including dishwasher cycles and regular handling.

Benefits of the Henro Grip Fork

  • Tailored Comfort: Experience the comfort of a curved design that aligns with your natural movements.
  • Control and Confidence: The well-thought-out angle empowers you to enjoy your meals with control and confidence. Every bite is a step towards a more enjoyable dining experience.
  • Options for Everyone: Choose between left or right-hand orientation and explore our range of colors to personalise your dining aids.

Elevate your dining moments with the Henro Grip Fork. At our Mobility Shop, we’re dedicated to enhancing your quality of life.

Colour Options: Dark Grey | Red

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Dark Grey, Red


Left, Right