Holder for Playing Cards

Ideal aid for people who have a poor or weakened grip





Product Description

The Playing Card Holder is an ideal aid for people who have poor or weakened grip.  It consists of two plastic discs held together by a spring. It is easy to use by simply putting the cards in the cardholder, turn the disks and the cards will form a perfect fan making the cards visible, easy to read and hold.  Made from 2 spring-loaded sections that can be turned to fan out the card for ease of viewing.  Once sorted, the cardholder will then grip the cards throughout the game, in-suite, run or colour as preferred by the individual players.  The holder will grip the cards securely while at the same time allow the player to remove or replace cards easily.  The cardholder will help anyone who has arthritic hands or sore joints.

Benefits of the Playing Card Holder

  • 1 x Playing Card Holder
  • Easy to hold
  • Ideal for people with poor grip or elderly
  • Holder grips cards throughout the game
  • Easy to put the card into and hold without effort
  • Easily sort the cards into the order required

The playing cards are sold separately

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