Inflatable Shampoo Ring

On those occasions when it is not possible to bathe or shower, the shampoo ring is an excellent solution to allow someone to wash their hair while in bed.






Product Description

The quality Inflatable Shampoo Ring is a great aid for people who need to wash their hair when they are bed-bound.  On those occasions, the inflatable shampoo ring has a double-tube design that reduces splashes and spills and ensures the water is kept in the basin. It has a comfortable air-filled ring that fits comfortably against the neck to provide stability and protection for underneath.  The Inflatable Shampoo Ring cushions the head and shoulders to ensure that the user has a comfortable and enjoyable hair wash to leave them refreshed and relaxed.  The basin is made from a durable vinyl which will last for many years.   A 1m (40″) long flexible drainage hose with a stopper at the end for control when emptying. Designed to be lightweight, portable and compact for convenient storage.

Benefits of the Atlantis Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Ring

  • Innovative Product to assist with personal care
  • Limit splashes when washing for bed-bound patients
  • Ideal for use when bed-bound
  • Comfortable to use
  • Strong vinyl material

Product Specification

  • Drain hose size:  1190mm (47″)
  •  Basin measures:  710mm x 610mm x 150mm (28 x 24 x 6″)

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