Jug Kettle Tipper

Designed specifically for use with jug kettles.  The Jug Kettle Tipper is a sturdy wire tipper that makes it safe and easy to pour water.







Product Description

The Jug Kettle Tipper is a great kitchen aid that has been designed specifically for use with jug kettles.  It is ideal for users with a weak grip, the elderly or the disabled.  The Tipper is perfect for increasing safety and preventing accidents.  It is a sturdy wire device that makes it safe and easy to pour water, without the risk of spills or burns.  The tipper is great for anyone with arthritis or poor motor skills.   To use simply place the kettle in the tipper and secure it in place with the sturdy strap.  Once the kettle is in place the tipper holds it securely in a cradle and allows you to pivot it gently to pour the water into your cup or mug without the need to lift the weight of the kettle.   One finished simply pivot back to an upright position.  This product is suitable to be used with most jug kettles but it is not suitable for cordless kettles.

Benefits of the Jug Kettle Tipper

  • Kitchen aid for arthritic hands
  • Assists anyone with a weak grip or limited mobility
  • Wire Tipper for use with plug-in kettles only
  • Safe to use a kitchen aid
  • Kettle held securely in the cradle
  • Easy to clean

Product Specification

  • 1 x Jug Kettle Tipper
  • Overall size – 26cm x 21cm x 19cm   |   10″  x  8″  7.5″

Colour:  White

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