Kanjo Aquamarine Antibacterial Covers

Designed to fit  Kanjo Bathlifts providing a comfortable 1/4″ Foam Seat and Backrest Cover.  The covers are Hygienic and washable and help to protect your BathLift.








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Product Description

Kanjo Aquamarine Antibacterial Covers: Elevate Your Bathing Experience with Advanced Hygiene

Enhance your bathing comfort with the Kanjo Aquamarine Antibacterial Covers featuring Silver Ion Technology. Specifically designed for Kanjo Bathlifts, these covers provide a luxurious 1/4″ Foam Seat and Backrest, ensuring optimal comfort during bath or shower time. With the added benefit of Antibacterial Silver Ion Technology, these covers deliver a hygienic and protective layer, preventing 99.9% of common germs and pathogens.

Benefits of our Kanjo Aquamarine Antibacterial Bathlift Covers

  • Antibacterial Silver Ion Technology: Equipped with advanced antibacterial technology, these covers actively combat and prevent 99.9% of common germs and pathogens for a cleaner bathing experience.
  • Compatible with Kanjo Bathlift: Tailored to seamlessly fit Kanjo Bathlifts, ensuring a secure and customized solution for your bathing needs.
  • Comfort Enhancement: The padded seat and back offer a lavish 1/4″ foam layer, enhancing comfort for both legs and back during bath or shower time.
  • Hygienic and Washable: These covers provide a hygienic and washable solution, contributing to the cleanliness and longevity of your Bathlift.
  • Easy to Use Covers: The covers effortlessly snap into place, facilitating quick installation and removal for easy washing and cleaning.
  • Wipe Down Clean: Designed for easy wipe-down cleaning, ensuring the longevity of the antibacterial technology within the product.
  • Advanced Hygiene: Silver Ion Technology actively combats and prevents germs and pathogens, providing a cleaner and more hygienic bathing experience.
  • Tailored Comfort: The 1/4″ foam seat and backrest offer unparalleled comfort, making your bath and shower seat a luxurious and supportive space.
  • Custom Fit: Specifically crafted for Kanjo Bathlifts, ensuring a secure and tailored fit for an optimal bathing solution.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Easy-to-use covers simplify the cleaning process, allowing for convenient upkeep and ensuring the antibacterial technology remains effective.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: The antibacterial technology contributes to the longevity of your Bathlift, providing ongoing protection with each use.

Elevate your bathing experience with the Kanjo Aquamarine Antibacterial Covers—where advanced hygiene meets luxurious comfort for a revitalising and protected bath time.

The Kanjo Cover will fit the Kanjo Eco Bathlift; the Kanjo Power Bathlift; the Kanjo Silverline Bathlift, the Kanjo Silverline XL Bathlift and the Kanjo XL bathlift