Kettle Tipper

A useful kitchen aid for those with limited dexterity, to assist with lifting a full kettle safely.

  • Ideal for users with limited dexterity and a weakened grip
  • Suitable for use with the majority of kettles
  • Pivots on raised wire frame by gentle pressure on the handle to pour into the cup
  • The kettle sits in the cradle and is secured by a strap
  • Helps prevent spillage





Product Description

Kettle Tipper, the ultimate kitchen aid designed specifically for individuals with mobility issues. This innovative device ensures a safe and hassle-free experience while pouring hot beverages, offering convenience, stability, and peace of mind.

Simplify your daily routine with the Kettle Tipper. Designed with your needs in mind, this kitchen aid ensures a safe and effortless pouring experience for individuals with mobility issues. Embrace independence, convenience, and peace of mind while enjoying your favorite hot drinks. Say goodbye to spills and hello to a more enjoyable tea or coffee time.

Top Benefits of the Kettle Tipper

  • Raised Pivot Point: Preventing spillage by automatically returning the kettle to an upright position when released by the user. No more worries about accidental spills or hot liquid mishaps.
  • Secure Strap: With a sturdy strap, this kitchen aid holds the kettle securely in place, providing stability and reducing the risk of accidents. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your kettle is firmly secured during use.
  • Adjustable Wire Frame: The wire frame of the Kettle Tipper allows cups to be placed as near as required to the kettle. This flexible design accommodates different cup sizes and positions, ensuring maximum convenience and accessibility.
  • Improved Safety: The Kettle Tipper’s raised pivot point and secure strap work together to enhance safety while pouring hot beverages.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Designed for users with limited dexterity and a weakened grip, this kitchen aid makes pouring from the kettle easier than ever. The gentle pressure on the handle pivots the kettle on the wire frame, ensuring a controlled and precise pour into your cup.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The Kettle Tipper is suitable for use with the majority of kettles, making it a versatile accessory for any kitchen.
  • Minimised Spillage: By securely cradling the kettle and employing a strap to hold it in place, the Kettle Tipper helps prevent spillage and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Product Specification

Product Dimensions (mm)160x240x180