Knork Foam Handle

Designed to be used with the Knork (knife and Fork).  The padded foam handle is gently contoured and assists people who have issues with limited grip or dexterity






Product Description

The Knork Foam Handle has been designed to be used with the Knork Fork.

Designed with meticulous consideration for the unique needs of the elderly and individuals with limited mobility and dexterity, the Knork Foam Handle is a game-changer in enhancing your dining experience. Crafted to complement the Knork Fork, this handle offers an unprecedented level of comfort and control, making every meal an enjoyable affair.

The Knork Foam Handle is thoughtfully designed to be paired with the Knork Fork. Its padded foam handle adds an extra layer of comfort to your dining experience, ensuring that each meal is not only convenient but also pleasurable.

The handle boasts a gentle contoured design that caters to individuals who face challenges with limited grip or dexterity. This ergonomic feature provides the support you need to confidently manage your dining utensils.

It’s designed to enhance your control over the utensil.  You can now enjoy your meals with added precision and ease, even if you face dexterity challenges.

Simply hand wash in warm water with a touch of hand washing up liquid. This straightforward cleaning process ensures that your foam handle remains hygienic and ready for your next meal.

Benefits of the Knork Foam Handle

  • Tailored Comfort:  The padded foam handle ensures that you can enjoy your meals without discomfort, promoting a truly enjoyable dining experience.
  • Improved Grip and Control: Whether you struggle with grip or dexterity issues,  the contoured design and padded foam surface provide the necessary support for a confident grip and precise control.
  • Seamless Pairing: Designed to seamlessly fit with the Knork Fork, offering a convenient and effective solution for enhancing your dining utensil. Experience the power of comfortable and controlled dining with this perfect pairing.

Elevate your dining comfort and control with the Knork Foam Handle. At our Mobility Shop, we’re dedicated to enhancing your quality of life.


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