Let’s Fly Rollator Tray

This convenient accessory is sturdy but at the same time lightweight and easy to carry.   Solve the problem of how to transport all you need from one room to another while both hands are guiding your rollator.
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Product Description

Enhance Your Rollator Experience with the Let’s Fly Rollator Tray
Let’s Fly Rollator Tray is able to be attached to the seat of the rollator and is a very useful and practical accessory for use with the Let’s Fly Rollator

The Let’s Fly Rollator Tray is the ultimate solution for users seeking both mobility and practicality in one versatile accessory. Designed to provide an extra level of convenience, this tray is sturdy yet lightweight, offering effortless portability while simplifying the task of carrying items as you guide your rollator. Whether you need to move everyday essentials around your home or safely transport delicate items like cups, glasses, and cutlery, or even heavier objects such as books, handbags, or radios, this tray has you covered. Plus, when it’s time to take a seat, the tray effortlessly transforms into a stable table, making it an invaluable addition to your daily life.

Benefits of our Tray for the Let’s Fly Rollator

  • Handy Rollator Accessory: The perfect companion for your Let’s Fly Rollator, delivering an additional level of convenience and utility.
  • Sturdy Plastic Material: Crafted from durable and sturdy plastic, this tray is built to withstand everyday use while remaining lightweight and easy to manage.
  • Effortless Maintenance: The black tray is not only practical but also easy to clean, ensuring that it continues to serve you well for the long term.
  • Secure Support Rails: Featuring two support rails underneath, the tray securely attaches to your rollator, preventing accidental dislodging and providing peace of mind as you transport your belongings.
  • Streamlined Mobility: The Let’s Fly Rollator Tray simplifies the task of moving items around, enhancing your overall mobility and making daily chores more manageable.
  • Versatility in Transport: This tray accommodates a wide range of items, from lightweight essentials to heavier objects, ensuring that you can transport your belongings safely and effectively.
  • Convenient Tabletop: When it’s time to rest, the tray serves as a sturdy tabletop, providing a stable surface to hold your cup, plate, or other items, allowing you to relax comfortably.

Elevate your mobility experience with the Let’s Fly Rollator Tray—a practical and versatile accessory that simplifies daily tasks, enhances your independence, and provides the adaptability you need for an improved quality of life. Its secure attachment, durable construction, and capacity to function as a convenient table make it a valuable addition to your rollator. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy greater convenience—add the Let’s Fly Rollator Tray to your daily routine today.

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