Lets Shop Rollator

A lovely modern designed four-wheeled rollator that makes a stylish shopping companion.With a 25-litre shopping bag with mesh side pockets

  • Removable 25-litre shopping bag – for day to day retail excursions
  • Ergonomic rubber handles – for a comfortable steering position
  • Reflective Strip – for night-time visibility
  • Fingertip brake control – for minimal shopping effort
  • Large rubberised wheels – for a comfortable user experience






Original price was: £560.00.Current price is: £499.00.

Product Description

The Lets Shop Rollator is a lovely modern designed four-wheeled rollator that makes a stylish shopping companion.

With lightweight aluminium frame which encases a generous 25-litre shopping bag with mesh side pockets is perfect for a quick trip to town. Not only that but there is an additional inner bag which makes it easier to load and unload items away from the rollator as necessary.

The fabric is water-resistant which will ensure that your belongings are kept dry and protected from the rain. The zip of the small pocket is edged with reflective fabric; making the user and rollator visible on darker evenings or when the days are dark and visibility is poor.

The cross folding design makes it easy to collapse and its compact design makes it ideal for storing out of the way when not in use.

The ergonomically designed handles of the Lets Shop Rollator are shaped to give ample support to the palms of the hands, whilst also being easy and comfortable to grip. The handles are also adjustable offering handle heights between 78cm and 95cm; making the rollator ideal for most people and includes a number of preferred arm positions.

Easy-to-use brakes at both handles can be locked, enabling the user to sit for a while on the lid of the shopping bag, which doubles as a comfortable seat taking the strain out of those long shopping trips.

Benefits of the Lets Shop Rollator

  • A modern beautifully designed rollator
  • Doubles as a large shopping trolley
  • Folds away when not use
  • Can stand independently when folded
  • A sturdy seat takes the strain when feet get tired
  • Lightweight
  • Main shopping bag, inner bag and side pockets give you a place for everything
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective fabric makes sure you are visible any time of day or whatever the weather.
  • Comfortable grip handles
  • Adjustable height
  • Narrow fold for ease of storage
  • Unpack and go

Product specification:

  • Folded Dimensions: 20(W) x 76-95(H) x 63(L) cm
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 57(W) x 76-95(H) x 63(L) cm
  • Rollator weight 6.9kg
  • Maximum weight of user 130kg
  • Seat width 44cm
  • Seat height 60cm
  • Handle adjustable height 78-95cm

Accessories Included:

  • Inner and Outer Shopping Bag

Accessories Available Separately:

  • Backrest Band
  • Crutch Holder
  • Travel Bag
  • Inner Shopping Bag
  • Outer Shopping Bag
  • Tray

Colour Choices: Black    |    Grey

Other optional extras include:

  • Replacement fabric bag
  • Replacement inner bag
  • Backrest strap

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