Let’s Step Bath Step

Intended for use in both the shower and bathroom, this non-slip footstool is ideal for the elderly or people with limited mobility.











Product Description

Let’s Step Bath Step: Elevate Bathing Safety and Style with Confidence

Designed with utmost consideration for the unique needs of the elderly and individuals with limited mobility, the Let’s Step Bath Step from Trust Care is a transformative addition to your bathroom routine. This footstool boasts a modern design that seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that your bathing experience is not only secure but also stylish.

The Let’s Step Bath Step is meticulously designed to prioritise your safety while elevating the visual appeal of your bathroom. This essential bathroom aid empowers you to enjoy a shower or bath with unwavering stability and confidence, all while adding a touch of modern elegance.

Enhance your bathroom with a modern touch. The Let’s Step Bath Step’s contemporary design blends seamlessly into any bathroom decor, offering a minimalist look that complements your space while providing essential support.

The Let’s Step Bath Step boasts a very stable construction, guaranteeing safety and secure usage. This robust design ensures that you have reliable support to assist you in navigating your bathroom routine.

Grooves on the top surface of the step provide a secure foothold, even when wet. This additional safety feature ensures that you can confidently use the step without worrying about slipping.

The black color on the top surface of the step is strategically chosen to offer high visibility against white bathtubs or bathroom floors. This contrast enhances safety by providing a visual marker, reducing the risk of accidents.

Supplied in a flat-pack package, the Lets Step Bath Step is designed for effortless assembly. Use and care instructions are included with the package, ensuring that you can set up the step with ease.

Benefits of the Let’s Step Bath Step

  • Enhanced Bathing Safety:  With a strong and stable base, it offers you the assurance of secure support, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting your well-being.
  • Stylish Modernity: Add a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom with the sleek design. Its minimalist appearance enhances your bathroom’s aesthetics while providing the support you need.
  • Secure Footing: The grooves on the top surface ensure you have a secure foothold, even in wet conditions. This feature adds an extra layer of safety, allowing you to focus on your bathing experience without concerns.
  • Visual Contrast: The black color provides a contrast against white surfaces, aiding visibility and enhancing safety. This thoughtful design detail ensures that you can confidently use the step.


Product Specification

  • Height: 17cm  |  6.7″
  • Footprint: 49cm x 31cm  |  19″ x  12″
  • Maximum weight of user: 23st/150kg

Colour:  Black and White

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