Lets Twist Again Crutches

An ergonomic crutch in an attractive design, available in six modern colours‚ green, yellow, orange, silver, black and white/transparent.






Product Description

The Lets Twist Again Crutches are ergonomic crutches in an attractive, modern design. They can be adjusted in length to fit different users.

The armrest is made of strong plastic, and the construction is of aluminium which makes the crutch very light. The ergonomically designed handle is made of rubber, giving a steady and comfortable grip. The construction is aluminium which makes the crutch very light and the handle is ergonomically designed and tested so that the grip and the palm should rest and be supported comfortably.

The height adjustment holes are only on the lower tube, which gives the crutch a more elegant design. A locking ring makes the crutch safer and quieter. The rubber foot has a grip pattern towards the ground to ensure a steady hold on any surface including gravel, asphalt or paving. The ferrule can easily be exchanged.

Let’s Twist Again is tested according to ISO 9999:2011 and approved for a user weight up to 130kg, and is CE marked

Replacement Ferrules for the Twist Again Crutches are available

Benefits of the Lets Twist Again Crutches

  • 1 x pair of Lets Twist Again Crutches
  • Worldwide design success – Reddot Award Winner 2014
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Attractive Design
  • 5 modern elegant colours
  • Supplied as a Pair
  • Height Adjustable to fit different users from 10cm to 100cm
  • Locking ring makes the crutch not only safe but quiet
  • Elegant colours and detailed solutions give the crutch a daring design and extraordinary character

Product Specification

  • 1 x pair of Let’s Twist Again Crutches
  • Handle length of 10cm
  • Handle height 80cm-100cm
  • Armrest length 21cm
  • Armrest angle 15 degrees
  • Max User Weight: 20st (130kg)

Colours Choices:






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Black, Black/Green, Black/Orange, Black/Yellow, Silver/Black, White/Transparent