Limbo Waterproof Cast Protector Full Arm

Self-sealing protectors that prohibit water from penetrating the plaster casts and dressings.  It is easy to use, comfortable to wear, and does not constrict movement.





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Product Description

The Limbo Waterproof Cast Protector Full Arm is an innovative bathing aid that will protect plaster casts and dressings.   The Limbo protector has an innovative design that makes it durable, waterproof and comfortable to wear.   It has been designed to keep your plaster cast or dressing dry while allowing you to bathe or shower in the secure knowledge that water will not penetrate.  The Limbo protectors are self-sealing that prohibits water from penetrating into the plaster casts and dressings.  It is easy to use, comfortable to wear and does not constrict movement.  The protector has been designed to be re-used when bathing or showering and will last until the plaster cast or dressing is removed.  A solution that allows you to shower and bathe as normal.

It is easy to put on and take off and will not allow even a drop of water to enter the seal.  Made from robust plastic to ensure that it will not tear while using.   The rubber seal at the top is a soft rubber that grips just enough to enable the protector to be kept in place and keep out water while at the same time remaining comfortable to wear.  The plastic dries quickly after use.

Prior to using it is important to check that the rubber seal has been undamaged before using.  By carefully following fitting instructions the Limbo will remain watertight throughout its use.

As a safety precaution do not use the Limbo for longer than 30 minutes as the trapped air can cause condensation as it heats up.

Benefits of the Limbo Waterproof Cast Protector Full Arm

  • 1 x Limbo Waterproof Protector Full Arm
  • A wide selection of sizes from child to adult
  • Keeps plaster casts and dressings dry
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Last lifetime of treatment
  • Easy to fit and self-sealing
  • Adult height range: 1.52m and above

Product Specification

Adult Full Arm: Length 69cm   |   Circumference 30cm – 39cm


Other Sizes of the Limbo Waterproof Cast Protector available are:

Adult Half Arm   |   Adult Full Leg   |   Adult Half Leg   |   Adult Foot  |  Adult Elbow   |   Child Leg   | Child Arm