Long Handle Bath Sponge

Makes it possible to reach the difficult-to-get-to parts when showering or bathing, such as the middle of your back or your lower legs.








Product Description

Long Handle Bath Sponge: Elevating Your Shower and Bathing Experience

Designed with the needs of the elderly and those with limited mobility and dexterity in mind, the Long Handle Bath Sponge revolutionises your bathing routine. Embrace the convenience of reaching those hard-to-access areas with ease, while enjoying the stability and comfort that comes with our thoughtfully designed handle.

Say goodbye to the struggle of reaching tricky areas while showering or bathing. The Atlantis Long Handle Bath Sponge empowers you to effortlessly access those unreachable parts, such as the middle of your back or your lower legs. Enjoy the freedom of a thorough and comfortable wash, regardless of mobility challenges.

Our long, comfortable handle isn’t just about accessibility; it’s about providing you with excellent reach without the need for stretching or bending. Maintain stability and confidently clean those areas that were once difficult to manage.

The Atlantis Bath Sponge comes in three versatile styles to suit your preferences. Each lightweight sponge features soft polyfoam attached to a sturdy plastic handle, ensuring a comfortable and effective washing experience. The Long Handle Scrub Sponge also includes a loofah-style surface on one side, adding an extra touch of exfoliation, and the Long Handle Contoured Bath Sponge for an added touch of luxury.

Benefits of our Long Handle Bath Sponge

  • Tailored for Limited Mobility: The Long Handle Bath Sponge is meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of those with limited mobility. It’s a reliable companion that assists you in maintaining personal hygiene comfortably and with dignity.
  • Elderly-Friendly Design: Our bath sponge is designed for anyone who faces challenges related to movement in their arms or other limitations. The handle’s length and design ensure it’s ideal for the elderly, enhancing their bathing experience and overall well-being.
  • Ease Without Strain: The long handles provide ease of reach without the strain of stretching or bending. This promotes a more relaxed and enjoyable bathing experience, while the comfortable plastic handle adds an extra layer of comfort.
  • Thoughtful Storage: The Atlantis Long Handle Bath Sponge comes with a hanging loop for convenient storage when not in use. Keep your bathing area tidy and organized with this thoughtful addition.

Experience the joy of an accessible and comfortable bathing routine with the Atlantis Long Handle Bath Sponge. At our mobility shop, we believe in empowering individuals with limited mobility to enjoy life to the fullest.

Product  Specification

  • All three sponges measure:  Diameter – 13cm (5″)  |  Length – 56cm (22″)



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