Long Handle Bathing Pad

A double thickness of the sheepskin pad provides luxury and comfort while bathing.  An ideal aid for anyone with a limited range of movement.  Great for washing, powdering or pampering.







Product Description

This Luxurious Atlantis Long Handle Bathing Pad in sheepskin is a lovely aid to help users who have limited mobility ensure they are able to shower independently.  The pad has a double thickness of sheepskin which is gentle on delicate skin making it an ideal aid for the elderly or anyone with a limited range of movements, especially in their upper body. It is suitable for washing, powdering, or pampering.  A comfortable plastic built up handgrip gives an easy and secure grip. The pad is mounted on a long plastic coated wire that can easily be bent to any angle required ensuring the user can get even the most awkward area with ease ensuring a lovely clean shower without any bending or straining to reach.  This lovely bathing aid is lightweight and easy to handle so will not cause any strain on upper arms while using.

Benefits of the Atlantis Long Handle Bathing Pad

  • Bathing Aid to assist with limited mobility in the upper body
  • Double thickness sheepskin for a luxurious feel
  • Easy to hold comfortable hand-grip
  • Easy to use to reach hard to get at areas of the body
  • Multi-purpose and be used for washing or powdering
  • Secure grip handle
  • Plastic coated wire that bends to any angle to ensure you can reach all areas
  • Add a little luxury to your bathing experience

Product Specification

  • 1 x Long Handle Sheepskin Pad
  • Pad size: 95mm x 125mm (3.75″ x 5″)
  • Length: 610mm (24″)

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