Long Handled Dust Pan and Brush

The long handle means you don’t have to bend down which really takes the backache out of cleaning or sweeping the floor.






Product Description

Long-Handled Dust Pan and Brush Set: A Cleaning Companion for Enhanced Comfort

Elevate your cleaning experience with the Long-Handled Dust Pan and Brush Set, a remarkable household aid designed for individuals with limited mobility, especially catering to the elderly. With an extended handle to eliminate the need for bending, this set brings convenience and comfort to your cleaning routine. Its folding design ensures effortless storage, making it an essential and practical addition to your home.

Benefits of the Long-Handled Dust Pan and Brush Set

  • Ideal for Users with Limited Mobility: The Long-Handled Dust Pan and Brush Set is thoughtfully crafted to cater to individuals with limited mobility. Its design addresses the challenges of reaching down, providing a comfortable solution for cleaning tasks without causing strain.
  • Long-Handled for Ease of Use: Experience the joy of cleaning without the backache. The extended handle of this set eliminates the need to bend down, making sweeping and cleaning the floor a breeze. Enjoy enhanced ease of use, particularly beneficial for users with mobility issues.
  • Folding Design for Convenient Storage: When not in use, it effortlessly folds for convenient storage. Say goodbye to clutter, as this set is designed to be space-efficient, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your home without taking up unnecessary space.
  • Traps Dirt and Dust for Effortless Cleaning: The Dust Pan is not just a receptacle; it’s a trap for dirt and dust. When carrying dirt, rest assured that this set captures and contains debris effectively. The footplate locks in place, ensuring a secure hold when sweeping dirt into the pan.
  • Enhanced Comfort for Cleaning Tasks: This set transforms cleaning from a chore to a comfortable task. The long handle eliminates the need to bend down, offering enhanced comfort, especially for those with limited mobility or the elderly.
  • Convenient Storage Solution: Embrace a clutter-free living space with the folding design. When not in use, it seamlessly folds, making storage a hassle-free experience.
  • Effective Dust and Dirt Containment: Say goodbye to scattered dust. The set’s design ensures that dirt and dust are effectively trapped, providing a cleaner and more efficient cleaning experience.
  • Simplicity and Convenience: The Long-Handled Dust Pan and Brush Set is not just a cleaning tool; it’s a promise of simplicity and convenience. With user-friendly features, it becomes an essential aid for maintaining a tidy home.

The Long-Handled Dust Pan and Brush Set is more than a cleaning tool; it’s a commitment to enhancing the comfort and convenience of individuals with limited mobility. Transform your cleaning routine with a set that brings joy and ease to your home.

Product Specification

  • Size: 865mm x 240mm x 190mm (34″ x 9″ x 7″)

Colour: Metallic/Graphite