Magnifier on Stand

A weighted stand base and a clamping device to attach to a table or desk surface allow for hands-free use.






Product Description

Discover Clarity with the Magnifier on Stand:

Introducing the Magnifier on Stand—a powerful 2x magnifier designed to bring precision and ease to your close-up tasks. This versatile magnifier comes with a robust weighted stand base and a secure clamping device, offering hands-free functionality for various applications. The large 220 x 170mm (8 x 6 “) magnifier ensures clear and detailed visibility, while the extendable arm allows you to position it at different heights and angles, catering to your specific needs.

Benefits of the Magnifier on Stand

  • Large 220 x 170mm (8 x 6 “) Magnifier
  • Weighted Stand Base for Stability
  • Secure Clamping Device for Table or Desk Attachment
  • Hands-Free Operation for Convenient Use
  • Extendable Arm for Adjustable Height and Angle
  • 2x Magnification for Enhanced Visibility
  • Clear and Detailed Magnification for Various Tasks
  • Stable and Secure Base Ensures Hands-Free Convenience
  • Versatile Clamping Device for Table or Desk Attachment
  • Adjustable Height and Angle for Personalized Comfort
  • Ideal for Reading, Crafting, Hobbies, and Precision Work
  • Easy to Use and Position for Maximum Flexibility

Elevate your reading, crafting, and precision work with the Magnifier on Stand—a reliable companion for detailed tasks. The weighted stand base guarantees stability, and the clamping device allows secure attachment to your table or desk. Enjoy hands-free magnification with the extendable arm, providing flexibility in height and angle adjustments.

Make intricate tasks a breeze with the magnification power of 2x, ensuring you catch every detail with clarity. The Magnifier on Stand is designed to enhance your productivity and comfort, offering a valuable solution for various activities. Invest in visual precision and convenience with this hands-free magnifier—a must-have tool for your workspace.

Note: Package includes 1 x Magnifier on Stand with weighted base and clamping device.


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