Mattress Tilter Spare Cover

The Spare Cover for the Harley Mattress Tilter  is a zipped, Polyester Fleece cover available in a choice of 3 colours.





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Product Description

Mattress Tilter Spare Cover: Cosy Comfort for Your Harley Mattress Tilter

Elevate your comfort and enhance your sleeping experience with the Mattress Tilter Spare Cover—a zipped cover meticulously crafted from sumptuous Polyester Fleece. Designed exclusively to fit the Harley Mattress Tilter, this spare cover brings a touch of indulgence and practicality to your bedding ensemble. Available in three soothing colors, it promises a perfect match for your personal style. Embrace the benefits of enhanced comfort and convenience with this exceptional spare cover.

Benefits of the Mattress Tilter Spare Cover

Plush Polyester Fleece: Crafted from high-quality Polyester Fleece, the spare cover offers a soft and cozy texture for an added layer of comfort.

Zipped Design: Equipped with a convenient zipper, the cover easily slips on and off the Harley Mattress Tilter for quick application and removal.

Perfect Fit for Harley Mattress Tilter: Tailored to fit the dimensions of the Harley Mattress Tilter, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Machine Washable: Designed for hassle-free maintenance, the spare cover is machine washable, allowing for easy care and cleanliness.

Size and Color Options: Available in a universal size of 4 cm x 63 cm x 13 cm > 2 cm | 18″ x 25″ x 5 > 1″, with color choices including Cream, Blue, and Pink to suit your personal preference.

Enhanced Comfort: Experience an additional layer of softness and comfort with the Polyester Fleece material, designed for a luxurious feel.

Easy Maintenance: The machine-washable feature ensures effortless cleaning, promoting a hygienic sleeping environment.

Perfect Harmony with Harley Mattress Tilter: Tailored to fit the Harley Mattress Tilter seamlessly, providing enhanced support and comfort.

Quick Application and Removal: The zipped design allows for easy on-and-off, simplifying the process of covering and uncovering your mattress tilter.

Personalised Style: Choose from three soothing colors—Cream, Blue, and Pink—to match your individual taste and bedroom decor.

Transform your sleeping space into a haven of comfort and style with the Mattress Tilter Spare Cover. Crafted from indulgent Polyester Fleece and designed to perfectly complement the Harley Mattress Tilter, this spare cover offers an ideal solution for both enhanced comfort and easy maintenance. Choose the color that suits your personal style and enjoy the benefits of a soft, cozy texture and a secure fit. Elevate your sleep experience with the Mattress Tilter Spare Cover—a thoughtful addition to your bedroom essentials. Sleep well, live well, with this perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

Product Specification

  • Size: 4 cm x 63cm x 13cm > 2cm   |  18″ x 25″ x 5 > 1″

Colour Options : Cream | Blue | Pink



Blue, Cream, Pink