Mobility Scooter Cosy

Offers full lower body protection from wind and rain. Place the cosy on your scooter seat and then simply zip it up and drive off.


  • Full lower body protection
  • Full-length heavy duty zip
  • Fleece lining
  • Can be used with the poncho for total weather protection
  • Universal size








Product Description

The Mobility Scooter Cosy is one of our range of scooter wet weather wear protective clothing.  The cosy gives full lower body protection when having to use your scooter in inclement weather, including wind and rain.  Easy to put on by simply placing the cosy on your scooter seat and then it can be zipped up and you are ready to go.  The full-length heavy-duty zip opens up to allow easy access on and off the scooter. The open-ended bottom allows you to comfortably straddle your scooter steering column. The cosy is shaped for people in a seated position and the plastic outer layer of the cosy is wind and watertight and the smart navy faux-fur inner lining extends right up the back of your chair is ideal at retaining the heat and ensures you stay as warm as possible.  Ideal for use with the mobility poncho for total weather protection.

Benefits of the Mobility Scooter Cosy

  • Scooter wet-weather wear
  • Full lower body protection
  • For use in inclement weather
  • Protects against wind and rain
  • A full-length zip allows easy access
  • Open-ended bottom to allow access to the steering column
  • Shaped for use in a seated position
  • Full-length navy fur liner
  • Good heat retention properties
  • Keeps the user warm, cosy and dry

Product Specification

  • 1 x Mobility Scooter Cosy
  • Available in one universal size
  • Length -120cm, Width – 110cm

Colour Choice: Blue

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