Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support

Provides a snug and flexible fit, helping to warm the muscles and support the wrist during sport and occupational activities.   Help with strains and sprains, weak or arthritic wrists.






Product Description

The Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support with Multi-Zone Compression provides a snug, yet flexible fit, helping warm joints and muscles to support the wrist during sporting and occupational activities. The specialist breathable fabric helps control moisture during intense activities whilst providing support during movement. The slimline, snug and dynamic design mean it can easily be worn under everyday clothes at work, home or on the field for comfort, support and reassurance when you need it most. The wrist support is non-restrictive and allows for a full range of movement during sporting activities.  Can be used for the left or right hand.

Ideal for using to:

  • Help with strains and sprains
  • Help and support weak or arthritic wrists
  • Sporting/occupational injuries

Benefits of the Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support

  • Provides support to the wrist
  • Warms the muscles and wrist joint
  • Breathable fabric to control moisture
  • Provides mild compression to combat instability
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for male and female
  • For left or right wrist
  • Slimline supports that fit either left or right side
  • Helps support injured and weak muscles and/or joints during sports or occupational tasks
  • Assists with sprains, strains, instability and arthritic joints
  • Specialist breathable fabric helps with moisture control

Product Specification

  • 1 x Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support


To size, measure wrist circumference (cm):

Small: 13cm – 16cm    (5″ – 6″)

Medium: 16cm – 19cm   (6″  – 7.5″)

Large: 19cm – 23cm   (7.5″ – 9″)

Neo G products are ideal for sports injuries, sprains and arthritic joints

Live Well Now offers the full range of Neo G Orthopaedic Supports 


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