Neo G Arthritis Gloves

A unisex design intended to provide mobility, warmth, and comfort, and to relieve the user of pain.








Product Description

The Neo G Comfort Relief Arthritis Gloves are Unisex and provide optimum mobility, flexibility, warmth and comfort to anyone with arthritis in the hands. The unique flex wear dual-layer system incorporates two types of interchangeable, adaptable gloves that can be worn independently or combined to help ease the pain associated with sore joints.

The Comfort Relief Arthritis Gloves help to ease the symptoms associated with arthritis in the wrist and hand. The warming gloves provide added heat retention to help keep stiff, aching and painful joints warm and mobile every day, whilst the slimline lifestyle gloves feature a silicone palm grip and open fingertips for dexterity and daily comfort to help provide warmth, comfort and mild compression.

It is recommended to combine both gloves for optimum symptom relief. Within each box are 2 pairs of gloves, the thinner compression “lifestyle’ gloves and the secondary “warming” gloves.

The gloves keep your hands snug and warm and the open fingertips allow complete freedom of movement, which means you can still feel, touch and grip helping you to perform daily tasks easily.

Benefits of the Comfort Relief Arthritis Gloves

  • Unisex Gloves
  • Relieves arthritis pain in wrist and hand
  • Double Layer gloves
  • Silicone Palm Grip
  • Open fingertips to let you get on with daily tasks
  • Comfortable to wear and provide warmth to your hands
  • Help keep joints mobile

Product Specification

  • 1 x 2 pairs of arthritis gloves
  • 1 compression and 1 warming
  • XSmall: 15cm – 17cm  ( 5.9″- 6.7″)
  • Small: 17cm – 19cm   (6.7″ – 7.5″)
  • Medium: 19cm – 21cm   (7.5″ – 8.3″)
  • Large: 21cm – 23cm    (8.3″- 9.1″)
  • X-Large: 23cm – 25cm   (9.1″- 9.8″)

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