Neo G Bunion Night Splint

The Neo G Bunion Night Splint has been designed to relieve the pain experienced by Bunion sufferers.








Product Description

Experience Relief with Neo G Bunion Night Splint

Find respite from bunion pain with the Neo G Bunion Night Splint, designed to provide soothing relief. This splint goes beyond traditional solutions by completely immobilising the bunion, ensuring uninterrupted healing for protrusions. With adjustable bunion positioning control, it actively maintains ideal alignment for the Hallux and metatarsal phalangeal, offering a customized approach to your comfort.

Benefits of the Neo G Bunion Night Splint

  • Universal Size
  • Mild to Moderate Support Level
  • Available for Left or Right Foot
  • Complete Immobilisation for Healing
  • Adjustable Bunion Positioning Control
  • Promotes Ideal Alignment
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Fit
  • Tailored relief for bunion sufferers
  • Uninterrupted healing for bunion protrusions
  • Ideal alignment maintenance for Hallux and metatarsal phalangeal
  • Customizable bunion positioning control
  • Universal size for versatile use
  • Mild to moderate support level for effective relief
  • Available for both left and right foot
  • Comfortable fit, ensuring a restful night

Your solution for effective pain relief and uninterrupted healing. The adjustable features and universal size make it a versatile choice for either foot, providing a tailored approach to your specific needs. Prioritize your well-being—consult a doctor before use for personalized guidance.

Note: Always consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice and recommendations.


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