Neo G Easy Fit Finger Splint

Designed to support weak or injured fingers, the finger splint can be worn every day without discomfort.






Product Description

The Neo G Easy-Fit Finger Splint is a lightweight and firm medical mobility support split that is ergonomically designed for optimum finger immobilisation and recovery. The Finger Splint has a flexible, soft, cushioned shell that can be bent or moulded to the desired shape for the best fit and comfort. The splint provides ventilation while at the same time offering protection and support. The splint is useful to use in rehabilitation encouraging the correct alignment of the joint. Use with breaks, sprains and sporting injuries. This splint is available in 4 lengths from small to extra large and is easy to put on and remove.

Benefits of the Neo G Easy-Fit Finger Splint

  • Medical mobility support
  • Simple to put on and remove
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Aids injured and weak fingers
  • Helps support, stabilise and protect fingers
  • Helps with sprains and strains
  • Immobilises the finger to allow it to recover
  • The flexible shell can be moulded for the perfect fit
  • Provides ventilation while providing protection and support
  • Soft cushioned support for every day wear without discomfort

Product Specification

  • 1 x Neo G Easy-Fit Finger Splint
  • Available in 4 lengths: Small  |  Medium  |  Large  |  X Large
  • Size Options:

Small: 5 cm  (2″)
Medium: 6 cm  (2.4″)
Large: 6.5 cm  (2.6″)
X-Large: 8 cm  (3.1″)

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