Neo G Energising Socks

These compression socks help to revitalise tired, aching legs or swollen ankles during everyday life.






Product Description

Neo G Energising Socks offer a vital solution to combat the discomfort of tired, aching legs and swollen ankles in daily life. These knee-high socks feature graduated compression, providing maximum support at the ankle that gently diminishes up the leg, promoting overall circulation. With a shaped heel cup and reinforced toe for precise positioning and comfort, Neo G Knee High Ladies Socks are designed to prioritise your well-being.

Benefits of our Neo G Energising Socks

  • Graduated Compression: Feature graduated compression, offering optimal support at the ankle while gradually reducing compression up the leg, enhancing overall blood circulation.
  • Knee-High Design: The knee-high design ensures comprehensive support for your legs, addressing soreness and swelling with precision.
  • Shaped Heel Cup: A shaped heel cup provides a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to move with ease and confidence.
  • Reinforced Toe: The reinforced toe not only ensures accurate positioning but also enhances the durability and longevity of these socks.
  • Microfiber Construction: Crafted from microfiber, these socks are not only comfortable but also contribute to a lightweight and breathable design.
  • All-Day Comfort: Neo G Energising Socks offer relief from sore and swollen legs, allowing you to go about your day with comfort and ease.
  • Enhanced Circulation: Graduated compression promotes better blood circulation, reducing the risk of leg fatigue and swelling.
  • Precise Fit: The shaped heel cup and reinforced toe ensure a precise fit for optimal support and durability.
  • Versatile Sizing: Choose from a range of sizes (Small, Medium, Large, X Large) and colors (Beige, Black) to suit your preferences and style.

Rediscover mobility and vitality with Neo G Energising Socks. Whether you’re managing daily discomfort or seeking enhanced circulation, these knee-high socks are designed to support your well-being.  For extended journeys, explore our Neo G Flight Compression Socks for added convenience and support.




L, M, S, XL


Beige, Black