Neo G Patella Band

Helps with pain associated with any patella tendon irritation and inflammation caused by occupational or sports activities.








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Product Description

Discover Relief with Neo G Patella Band

Elevate your comfort and support with the Neo G Patella Band, featuring a premium-quality silicone insert. Designed to be worn directly below the patella, over the patella tendon, this band acts as a buffer, allowing effective dissipation of forces through the patella and tendon. Ideal for addressing pain associated with patella tendon irritation from occupational or sports activities, it works to normalize patellar tracking and reduce unwanted or excessive patellar movement. The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for personalized support.

Benefits of the Neo G Patella Band

  • Universal Size
  • Provides Moderate Support
  • Adjustable Compression for Swelling
  • Medical Grade Neoprene for Heat Retention
  • Comfortably Bound Edges for Safety
  • Ultra-Thin Design for Versatile Wear
  • Suitable for Office, Home, or Sports Use
  • Compatible with Neo G 3D Hot and Cold Compression Support System
  • Premium-quality silicone insert for enhanced support
  • Effective buffer for patella and tendon forces
  • Alleviates pain from patella tendon irritation
  • Normalizes patellar tracking for improved movement
  • Reduces unwanted or excessive patellar movement
  • Adjustable compression for personalized support
  • Versatile wear—ideal for office, home, or sports use
  • Compatibility with Neo G 3D Hot and Cold Compression Support System

Embrace comfort and support with the Neo G Patella Band, your solution for effective pain relief and patellar stabilization. The combination of premium features and benefits ensures a tailored approach to your unique needs. Whether at the office, home or on the field of play, this versatile band provides the support you deserve.

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