Non-Slip Fabric Car Pad

This non-slip cushioned dashboard mat will prevent your coins, mobile phone, iPod or any small items from moving or sliding off your dashboard and distracting your attention.






Product Description

Enhance Your Drive with the Isagi StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Car Pad

For those with limited mobility and the elderly, maintaining focus while driving is paramount. The Isagi StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Car Pad serves as a cushioned dashboard mat, providing a practical solution to prevent items such as coins, mobile phones, and iPods from sliding off the dashboard and causing distractions. Crafted by Isagi, this car and travel aid offer versatility, suitable for use in cars, vans, boats, and more.

Benefits of our Non-Slip Fabric Car Pad

  • Cushioned Dashboard Mat: Designed as a soft and cushioned mat, ensuring your belongings remain securely in place during your journey.
  • Prevents Slippage: Say goodbye to the hassle of items sliding off your dashboard. This car pad provides a reliable grip, preventing distractions while driving.
  • Multi-Use: Its versatility extends beyond the car; you can use it in caravans, boats, and various settings to keep items stable and secure.
  • Isagi Quality: Made by Isagi, a trusted name in quality and innovation, you can rely on the durability and effectiveness of this mat
  • Travel Aid: This car pad serves as an ideal travel aid, promoting safer driving experiences by reducing distractions.


  • Package Includes: 1 x StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Car Pad
  • Size: 19cm x 22cm
  • Colour Options: Black | Grey

Elevate your driving experience with the Isagi StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Car Pad. Ensure your focus remains on the road by keeping small items securely in place. Trust in Isagi’s quality and versatility, and choose from stylish color options to match your preferences.

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