Outdoor Half Step

Ideal mobility aid to reduce the height of doorsteps making it easier to access the home.  Strong, sturdy, lightweight and portable






Product Description

Outdoor Half Step is a perfect Mobility Aid that has been designed to help the elderly or anyone with limited mobility access their home.  This is ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to lift their feet and remain steady as you step up to your doorway.  The Outdoor Half Step can help as it cuts the rise in half so you can climb more easily.  It features an extra-large platform that lets you balance and get your footing before moving on.  It can be used indoors if required.  It has a durable, heavy-duty plastic surface with sure-grip dimples for added safety and to improve feelings of security. The weather-resistant rubber mat ensures better traction and drainage holes prevent the step from pooling water. The large surface area of the half step also means there is ample room to fully stand on the platform and regain your balance before stepping again. The step is made from high-quality durable plastic and is fully waterproof and suitable to be kept outdoors in all seasons.

Benefits of the Outdoor Half Step

  • Reduces the height of doorsteps making it easier to access the home.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect for the elderly and those with poor mobility
  • Strong, sturdy, lightweight and portable.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 90mm x 490mm x 390mm
  • Net weight: 1.44kg
  • Maximum Load: 135kg
  • Maximum Load: 21stones
  • Maximum User Weight: 135kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 21stones
  • Overall Width: 490mm
  • Maximum User Weight Limit 135kg (21 stone)

Colour: Black/White

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