Over Door Exercise Pulley

Helps to improve motion and coordination.  Ideal for home exercise routines.






Product Description

The Over Door Exercise Pulley is designed to fit your home exercise programme. It should be seen as one of a number of practical products that together work to give you the opportunity to get a full and professional workout at home.  The over shoulder exercise pulley is great for people who are unable to fit a regular gym visit into their full lives, as well as for others for whom a gym visit is impractical but are still committed to daily exercise. Take a look at other home exercise and rehabilitation equipment in this range such as the Pedal Exerciser, and the Rocker Board

Benefits of the Over Door Exercise Pulley

  • 1 x Over Door Exercise Pulley
  • Ideal equipment as part of your home exercise and rehabilitation equipment
  • The pulley is provided with plastic handles and an over-the-door strap
  • It is one of the leading devices on the market
  • It helps increase and maintain a range of motion
  • Combined with clinical guidance, it is a perfect device to use at home in order to maximise the opportunity to exercise and to accelerate the recovery
  • The pulley rope is 2.6m long
  • It comes in 2 versions:  Extended Pulley or Web
  • Large handles make it easier to hold
  • A cuff-style weight can be added to one side for more resistance and to build muscle strength. (Weights sold separately)

How to use the Over Door Exercise Pulley

This item is an excellent way to regain motion in the shoulder following a clavicle or collarbone fracture.
It can be easily attached to a doorway or other overhead mounting and is a really simple low-cost device. The system allows you to attach the pulley to a door. You can then alter the length of the rope using simple sliding adjusters. This lets you set the pulley to your ideal position. The pulley can form part of a home exercise and fitness regime, or can be integral to a physiotherapist guided rehabilitation programme. It comes with illustrated instructions.
The handles are easy to grip ensuring they won’t slip out of your hands. This helps maximise the range of movements possible from using the pulley. Ideal for slow, passive stretching.
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